Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Miki Takagi

(tsujigiri_lights_pinkstyle_miki) Mod
Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Miki Takagi, skin miki_2020_2021
Tsujigiri Hero PS13 Miki Takagi, skin miki_2020_2021

Tomei Stroker Kit
Tomei 272 Cams
Tomei Ti Springs and Retainers
JP Turbo B550X

HGT Sequential Gearbox
4.6 Nismo Differential
Nismo Coppermix Clutch

N-Style Knuckles
S14 Lower arms
S14 Rear Subframe
Stance Coilovers
Cusco Adjustable Arms

N-Style Seats
N-Style Wheels

Valino Pergea 08C
235/40/17 Front
265/25/18 Rear

Base model - Turn 10, Yuri Blake, Fedora Oyshkaya
Bodykit, Fenders - Caio Fonseca
Seats, Gauges - Losstunes
Wheels - Jay's Garage
Livery - Angle Design copy of TAKA Designs (rights remain TAKA.JP)
SFX - Gaya
Final fit and finish - XIIISins
Physics - Tsujigiri + Chris Wiltowski
Animations - Serban Matei


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This car has been used in 1 sessions.


  • Tsujigiri Hard (HARD)


  • Acceleration: -- s 0–100
  • BHP: 461 bhp
  • Power Ratio: 2.53 kg/hp
  • Top Speed: 208 km/h
  • Torque: 521 Nm
  • Weight: 1165 kg