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Search Help

You can type in the search much like you would use Google or any other search field.

  • Basic Search - for example if you wanted to find cars which relate to Ferrari, you can type: ferrari
  • Boolean Searches - say you wanted to find Ferrari cars that are not vintage, you could use: +ferrari -vintage.
  • Searching by Specific Fields - the entirety of the car's details can be searched across. For example, if you want to find cars with a specific tag - say, "italy" - you can use: tags:"italy"

    The entire list of car fields is: author, brand, class, country, description, name, url, version, year, notes, spec.acceleration, spec.bhp, spec.pwratio, spec.torque, spec.weight
  • Searching Numeric Values - you can search numeric values, for example spec.weight:>600 will list all cars with a weight above 600kg.

    All available numeric values are: year, spec.acceleration, spec.bhp, spec.pwratio, spec.torque, spec.weight
  • Searching for Stock, DLC and Mod content - you can search specifically for only stock, only DLC or only mod content by using one (or multiple) of the following: +stock, +dlc, +mod. You can remove stock, DLC or mod content from the results by using one (or multiple) of the following: -stock, -dlc, -mod.

Of course, you can combine all of the above things into one query! That might look like the following:

+ferrari -vintage +tags:"semiautomatic" +spec.bhp:>600 -dlc
"must be a ferrari", "must not be vintage", "must have the tag 'semiautomatic'", "must have a BHP greater than 600", "must not be DLC".

Server Manager uses Bleve to provide searching. Bleve is incredibly powerful and offers a great amount of control over search queries. We've covered some examples of how to make the most out of searching here, but please refer to Bleve's Documentation for more detailed examples and syntax.


ADC Nissan Silvia S13 Luke V 420

Nissan S13 Drift LS V8

Ford Mustang Ecoboost Drift

#Sportscars v8 manual street usa

Sour's Ford Mustang RTR Spec5-D Demo Car

#Sportscars V8 manual street usa

Tsujigiri Beta Pro Z33 LSX Supercharged

rwd drift drifting v8 Tsujigiri

Holden VY UTE Christmas

rwd drift V8 I aint filling this out sorry LD2F

Big Duck Club - Public Pack S14

Big Duck Club Drift S14 V8 Nissan

Cleetus 'Donnie' C5 Drift Car

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 C5 v8 U.S.A FreedomFactory cleetus donnie

Brandon K. '92 Fox Body Mustang

V8 manual street usa drift drift workshop street drift

Ford Mustang GT Mach 1 2021

#Sportscars v8 street usa Muscle Car manual Mustang Mach 1