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Search Help

You can type in the search much like you would use Google or any other search field.

  • Basic Search - for example if you wanted to find results which relate to Spa, you can type: spa
  • Boolean Searches - say you wanted to find results at Spa that don't include the F2004, you could use: +spa -f2004.
  • Searching by Specific Fields - some of the results files details can be searched across. For example, if you want to find results with a specific driver - say, "Schumacher" - you can use: Result.DriverName:"Schumacher"

    The entire list of result fields is: TrackName, TrackConfig, Type (i.e. PRACTICE, QUALIFY, RACE), Date, Result.BallastKG, Result.BestLap, Result.CarID, Result.CarModel, Result.DriverGUID, Result.DriverName, Result.Restrictor, Result.TotalTime, Result.HasPenalty, Result.PenaltyTime, Result.LapPenalty, Result.Disqualified
  • Searching Numeric Values - you can search numeric values, for example Result.TotalTime:>1200000 will list all results with a total time greater than 1200000 milliseconds (20 minutes).

Of course, you can combine all of the above things into one query! That might look like the following:

+spa -f2004 Result.TotalTime:>1200000
"must be at spa", "must not have the f2004", "must have a total time of more than 20 minutes"

Server Manager uses Bleve to provide searching. Bleve is incredibly powerful and offers a great amount of control over search queries. We've covered some examples of how to make the most out of searching here, but please refer to Bleve's Documentation for more detailed examples and syntax.

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